Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thing 11.5 Evaluation

1. What were your favorite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey?
I really liked Facebook, Schooltube, Goview and 280 slides. I continue to explore these "things" as I check my FB page, look for appropriate videos to share with my teacher partner and attempt to create slides.

2. How has this program assisted or affected your lifelong learning goals?
I was apprehensive when I started taking an online course again, afraid that I will not remember what to do on Blogger. But it all came right back to me. As now I think and wonder what else am I missing on the Internet. Once I started, I really got into doing some of the things, like Facebook. I heard other people talking about it and now I know what it's all about. Without this program I would not have known about all of these "things" that I learned. If you are not on the Internet or your friends don't share what's new, then how do you find out? As a paraeducator in Health Fitness, I wouldn't know half of all the stuff that I learned this year and last year. I wish that I had a laptop that was wireless so I could use it more in the gym.

3. Were there any take-a-ways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you?
Yes, I've been using Facebook now, reading other people updates. Everyone reads everything about each other. You can share pictures without send billions of emails.
With Goview, I didn't know you could take a picture of your desktop and add your voice to it.
I was surprised that there are programs you can use without downloading to your computer.
I feel like we are moving away from the software having to be on the computer, taking up valuable memory. It has moved to the Internet and the services for the most part are FREE.

4. What could we do differently to improve upon this program’s format or concept?
This time around was much better than last time. I felt that 11 things was much more manageable and that it wouldn't take the whole summer. I also got Verizon broadband at home, which made a big difference than having to find a computer somewhere. I'm glad SBISD offered this program because without it, how do you find out about all the new things? I know the new teachers coming out of college know a lot of it. I will know what the faculty and students are talking about when I hear some of the things in the future. I appreciate all the work that went into planning and offering this course.

Thing 9 Summer Heat

Check out this SlideShare presentation
I don't why, but after viewing it full screen, it changes to someone elses. I can't figure it out.
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Thing 9

I found that 280 slides is very easy to use. Then I made a slide to save in slideshares and that's where the problems started for me, but I got it after 3 hrs. I can make a slide and share it to my blog or facebook, even email. I like 280 slides for the students because everyone doesn't have a computer at their house. The student could go to the public library and use 280 slides without downloading a program and work on what they have saved, then go back to school and share it. I'm hoping that 280 slides has more slides than that.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thing 8

Thing 8

Thing 8

What can I say? I really like Goview the best. I found it to be the was the easiest out of them all. Thing 8 can be used in so many ways. I could use it tell students how to start in the new curl-up position on the mat using other students at my school for the demo. I'll just need a camera and a mic (that's my problem) and some permission slips. This way I wouldn't have to explain it 8 million times a day and the demonstration would have consistency in instruction. I just get the project and show it on the wall in the gym. I really like this Thing. I find Youtube extremely distracting as I search. I keep getting caught up in the entertainment. I can use a still picture and the words explain it.
Classroom teachers could put spelling words on it pronounding each one clearly for ESOL students then download/upload them to an ipod/itouch and students could hear them and see them at the same time.

I've worked on this Thing for hours now but it has been worth every minute. The exploration was great fun.

Thing 11 Digital Citizenship

I do not see much opportunity to work with students on Digital Citizenship in Health Fitness, but I have been witness to it spilling over into the Health Fitness Classroom and am taking a second look at including the Internet World in our safety lectures. On occassion it has involved competition on video games, and we've also had some repercussions from Facebook, IM , and chatroom publications. It manifests itsself in poor sportsman like conduct.

Students need to learn or be reminded that not all Internet information is valid or appropriate, be it published by a stranger or someone you know. Students need to hear over and over again, once you hit the publish or send button, what you have written or shared is out there for all to read. It doesn't go away. This is where when we are talking about bullying at school, we need to include cyber bullying. Think before you post!

Because some information is so convincing, students need to hear that Internet information may promote negative feelings like hate and intolerance. Sexual predators easily hide their indentities and are able to convince some young people to trust them. Explicit material and violent images affect children in negative ways and they need to be protected. It can come out in anger and unhealthy competition in the classroom, in addition to things we do not hear or see happening.

What students learn in all of their subjects in school should be transfered to Internet use by teaching them to take a careful look at what is read, heard and seen online. Students should understand that everyone they come in contact with virtually may not be who or what they say they are. We need to teach them what to do and who to ask for help when they encounter a person or site on the Internet that offends them or makes them feel threatened, just like we do when we talk about safety and strangers. Our mantra needs to be, "Always be a responsible citizen, in your real and virtual lives."

After my virtual experience online, I want all students to be cautioned about online gaming!